Lindsay fink dewolf


You don't need me to tell you the best things in life aren't things. It's the people with whom you enjoy it.  I dreamed up Design Dwellings to create spaces to enjoy life with those very people, (yes, even if that is you, clearly the best of them all!) and some pretty fantastic "things" that make your house your home.

As mom to Max, Evan, my furry child Gertrude, and sometimes even my husband Sam, I know life can be full of chaos but never without character. And I believe your home should beautifully contain all the life that comes with it.  My philosophy is design isn't just for looking at, it's for living in. So at Design Dwellings, I help you design for life.

I work with you to create a room, or an entire home, that reflects your unique, badass self, life and budget. I'll curate your best ever "mix tape" with high end, low end, vintage, thrift or existing goods that bring your look to life. I will also take care of the less exciting backbone--contractors, deliveries, etc. -- to make our vision a reality (which I strangely love and therefore you don't have to!).

Excited to help you create your home, designed for your life.